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Movement & Choreography

in the Academy

Movement and Choreography at the Academy will involve students exploring and being inspired by stimuli such as texts, visuals, music.
Through these mediums they will create and devise work and understand what it is for a body to move in space with focus and purpose. The academy also gives students an opportunity to choreograph pieces by understanding the techniques involved in the process. The course focuses on a willingness from  participants to experience the joy of expressing themselves through movement.

 No previous experience required,just a commitment to MOVE! 

'How would you react if the world as you knew it was about to change forever?'


Inquiring into the seven stages of grief, this is day 3 - anger expressed through Dance in the ISTA Performing Arts Academy's second culminating show, 'TILT' devised and performed by the students.

Inspired Collaboration
Inspired by a student's dream diary entry and our Academy Patron, Andy Summers' stimulus 'Message in a bottle' - this is the ISTA Performing Arts Academy Dance students telling the story of the healing of one character in their first culminating devised performance.  
The notion of energetic healing was further inspired by the pulsing frequencies present in the original music, composed by the Academy music students. 



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