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SO I WENT is a collection of site specific stories reimagined by emerging contemporary theatre artist, Valeria Riquelme. With a style that is both conversational and poetic, the show is a medley of fragmented tales and neon-lit musings that are bound to leave trace in your memory. 


"A while ago I sent out of a survey asking for stories of things that had happened to people in Hong Kong. Some asked if I was looking for a specific theme. I said: no, anything goes. As long as you tell me exactly where it happened because I want to go. 


And so I went."


What makes a story worth sharing? How can we tell it exactly how it was? Can stories be detached from the place where they happened? Can people be separated from their past? That’s way too many questions. I promise I’ll stick to the story, or at least I’ll try.


About the artist 

Valeria Riquelme is a recent Hong Kong Academy graduate and an ISTA alumna with aspirations to continue her studies in Taiwan and set up her own theatre company. Her interests range from post-dramatic theatre to video design and writing.


Featuring original music by Dylan Halbroth, HKA alumnus currently studying Music Production at DBs Berlin




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The school is located close to Sai Kung Town Centre. 


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