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Music in the Academy

with Anne Drouet

Working with a director's brief or exploring a reaction to stimuli which may be poetry, music, text or image, our students learn to manipulate the language of music to convey different moods and feelings.
Although all Academy students are required to sing as a whole ensemble, only those who are interested in songwriting or composing choose Music as an option to further their skills and widen their experience.
Intermediate vocal / instrumental skills required.

Student Work

'All of my Memories' was composed by the whole company in response to an inquiry question: "if your world as you knew it was about to change forever, what / who would you miss or value the most?"


After a series of exercises, students brainstormed ideas. Striking images and lyric lines were shared and from there, the melodies and harmonies emerged.   

All of my MemoriesISTA Academy

The lyrics of the song went on to inspire drama, choreography and set design in our second culminating show, 'TILT'.


All of my memories shining in the light,

All of my memories, all of my fights

I remember all the clouds above my head

Stop dreaming, start living instead..

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