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Drama in the Academy

with Darren Scully


Drama at the Academy works within the devising process along with the other disciplines responding to various stimuli such as poetry and other texts, visual cues and themes.


Drama students can expect to spend time on building character and working with a variety of performance styles. The actor’s training is based on contemporary performance approaches but also includes technical skills such as projection, diction, accent and being ‘in the zone”. Writing for stage is also an optional component.

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Developing the ISTA Ensemble approach


"Theatre is both the Art of Giving and the Giving Art. Success in a multidimensional sphere such as dramatic performance is only achieved if everyone in the company unselfishly enters the activity with a desire to contribute positively. This type of working climate is often termed ‘ensemble’ and is recognized by most theatre practitioners as being an integral element in the holistic experience of theatre performance."

Mike Pasternak, former ISTA President.

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