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What our students say...

"I used to believe most plays or performances were made by some balding old man behind a desk, but the ISTA Academy taught me that inspiration can come from anywhere, and that our creations can in turn inspire others to create as well. Eventually you reach this Inception-like meta performance that’s so inextricably linked and full of material that it’s become a seven-layer dip of pleasure and entertainment.  ISTA's amazing. It's Splendiferous To Attend. That's what it should actually stand for!" - Alastair, NAIS Puxi

"The entire program was incredible, I have so many sure to be cherished memories, I'm not a very social person, and for me, starting with ISTA was really the deep end. I was plunged into an intense environment where I learned to be more aware of the group, and our surroundings, so we could walk together, stop together, and create together." Caroline, Home School

'Everyone in the academy is friendly. I love the fact that in the academy, everyone is equal and free to be who they want to be. '

What students say...

'The ISTA Academy helps you to develop skills that you can apply to life in general - from developing an open mind, to collaborating with a wide age range of people.  I travel 60 mins across town every time and it's always the highlight of my week'

'This experience has developed my skills as an actor.  I am so much more aware of all the ingredients that can combine to make a performance magical'

'I have learned so much more than Drama. I have learned to collaborate, listen, explore ideas, let go of ideas and to engage with the world'

'I want to do this for the rest of my life...'

What PARENTS say...

'My teenage son became more sure of himself, happier.

He just blossomed.'


'My daughter was able to express herself without judgment. This  contributed tremendously to increasing her self-esteem.'


'Being part of ISTA has pushed him even further in his ability to have empathy and understanding of others.'


'My child has developed a physical self-confidence that serves him well in all aspects.  He is able to stand of front of an audience, class, and groups and authentically share his thoughts and ideas in a fluid way.'


'The Arts are a social commentary of the world around us and our interaction in that world.  Exposing young people to varying forms of personal expression allows them a greater depth and sophistication in their perceptions of the world around them.'

'ISTA can help the shy child come out, and the restless child to follow a discipline, both in a safe, constructive environment.' 

'Love it love it LOVE it – what a fabulous opportunity for our children'


What TEACHERS say...

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