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John Altman - you may not know his name, nor recognize his face, but you're sure to know his music. He has composed for over 4000 commercials, TV and Film and worked with the likes of Amy Winehouse, Van Morrison, Prince, George Michael, Bjork, Jessie J and Tina Turner, to name but a few.  His film credits include Hear My Song, Goldeneye, The Life of Brian and music for the Titanic.


TWO MASTERCLASSES for Y11-13 / G10-12

Music Students

John delivered TWO masterclasses at the Hong Kong Academy in December, 2017.  These were amazing opportunities for every Music student to bring a sample of their work for John's feedback during the Composition & Arrangement masterclass in which he also discussed the techniques used for his award winning score in the James Bond Goldeneye



A Composition and Arrangement masterclass student in Shanghai scored an internship with John working with orchestral scores for film John helped an Art of Improv guitar student with a 30 minute backstage interview in Paris with Roger Daltry as the primary source for his Extended Essay on

The Who!

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In December, 2017, over 50 students from Hong Kong and China took to the stage with John Altman, performing original songs and covers of songs that John had either performed, composed or arranged in his vast career. 


John entertained the audience with stories of times gone by, revealing music industry insights and fond memories of his work with James Bond Goldeneye, the Titanic, Van Morrison and George Michael.  From falling in love with Judy Garland at the tender age of 2, to jamming with the likes of Amy Winehouse, Jessie J and John Legend, his stories inspired adults and students alike.

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