Course 1: Physical theatre approaches

Mon 27 June to Fri 1 July (9am to 3pm)


This week long course will focus on skills that are needed to create original theatre from a starting point. The focus will be on Physical theatre and devising techniques:


  • Creating the ensemble

  • Developing character

  • Using space

  • Working with props

  • Creating stories from starting points

  • Application of physical theatre techniques

  • Working with theatre theorist Peter Brook

  • Working movement specialist Rudolf Laban


Course 2: Bringing text to life 

Mon 4 July to Fri 8 July (9am to 3pm)


This practical week long course will focus on the skills needed to analyse text as an actor, director or designer to bring a piece of text (play, poem, story) to life on stage:


  • Making an entrance

  • Making an exit

  • Creating an atmosphere

  • Cross cutting

  • Thought tracking

  • Through lines of action

  • Backstory and foreshadowing

  • Directing techniques

  • Text analysis

  • Creating an intended impact on the audience

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